Up and Under Pub

1216 E Brady St. Milwaukee WI 53202

(414) 270-0029

Upcoming Events

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Weekly Specials


$2 Point Taps
$3 Tully


$2 Miller Lite Taps
$2 Jager Bombs


$3 32oz. PBR
$2 Cherry Bombs


$2 Miller Lite Taps
$2 Barcadi Bombs


$3 Moon Man
$2 Southern Comfort


$3 Red Stripe
$2 Southern Comfort


$1 PBR
$3 Jameson Whiskey

About Us

The Up And Under Pub is a live music venue located on the historic Brady Street, in the heart of Milwaukee's Eastside. The Up and Under Pub features music and events 7 nights per week. The Up and Under Pub's atmosphere is ideal for the diverse range of artists we host here as well as an equally diverse crowd that drinks in here Boasting the best in Blues, indie rock, reggae, folk, electronic, funk, soul, punk and beyond, we invite you to experience music in one of the Milwaukee's premier performance spaces.


"There isn’t anything wrong with some of Milwaukee’s more relaxed open mic nights, but Up & Under Pub has remained the city’s favorite by putting on an engaging show. Every Monday, the Up & Under stage welcomes local performers looking for an audience. The house band keeps things moving in between performances, in addition to accompanying participants. The bar itself is well stocked, with more than 20 beers on tap, and seating is available, at least when the open mic sign-up begins at 9 p.m." by Emily Patti,Shepherd Express


"With free admission, the Up & Under Pub starts its karaoke night at about 9:30 on Wednesday and the fun runs until closing time. They offer $3 "oil cans" of Foster's (sure to lubricate the vocal chords of potential crooners) and cheap Cherry Bombs (sure to obliterate their inhibitions)." by OnMilwaukee.com Staff Writer

The New York Times

"A good spot for music...With high ceilings, an antique bar and 24 beers on tap, it offers live blues, rock and reggae until 2 a.m." by MAURA J. CASEY,The New York Times



The Up and Under is 21+ VENUE.

For booking consideration, please send press kits / CDs to booking@theupandunderpub.com or snail mail to 'Booking c/o The Up and Under Pub 1216 E.Brady St., Milwaukee, WI, 53202'" (If you don't have an electronic press kit), or just click here to fill out a form on our website.

We do our best to reply to any inquiry in a prompt manner, so if you're a booking agent, manager, label rep, etc...please feel free to email us right away. booking@theupandunderpub.com If you are an unsigned band, either locally or nationally, please read the tips below so we can better assist you. You may be asking yourself... "How do I go about getting a show at The Up and Under Pub?". Well, here you go...We prefer EMAIL to phone; specifically we're looking for emails that include:

  • A clear band photo in JPG or PNG format. It must be 400 pixels wide (no wider, please!).
  • A short band bio
  • Links to some of your music. Direct links are preferred, i.e., http://yourband.com/music/our-song.mp3 Preferably a website with audio samples that represent your music best. Please do not mail us a demo-pack. In the email you should include answers to the following questions:
  1. How would you describe your music (genre, influences, etc)?
  2. Where have you played/Going to Play and with whom?
  3. What size crowd do you draw on a weekday vs. weekend?
  4. What other bands are you friends with or do you go well with locally?
  5. Any Milwaukee Area-based press or radio to brag about?

Thoroughly answering the questions above helps us help you. The Up and Under hosts a diverse range of music including Indie Rock, Reggae, blues, Southern Rock, Folk, Jam and just about everything in-between, so we'd love to hear from you. Once a show is confirmed you will receive an email from us detailing everything related to the date (set times, loading, financial breakdowns, etc). We may exchange a few emails about prospective dates or bills, but until you get this very thorough confirmation email, we are not yet confirmed. We hope this helps streamline the process to make it easy on you and on us.